Warehouse Worker

from 19.7 to 25.7 PLN/hour | bonus up to 300 PLN/month


We are looking for employees for the DHL warehouse. DHL International GmbH is a German company dealing in transport and logistics of shipments, operating in the segment of international courier services. It has offices in over 220 countries around the world. Detailed information about the company’s activities can be found on the official website – www.dhl.com.

Work in a logistics warehouse consists in accepting the goods and preparing them for shipment. On the first day, training takes place in the warehouse. The work is not difficult, does not require special skills and experience, no noise and odors in a comfortable and specially equipped hall. Work in 3 shifts of 8-12 hours. There are several processes in the warehouse to which the leader directs: Receipt of goods

  • the work consists in receiving the goods, scanning the code, entering the quantity into the system. Packing
  • just pick up the goods from a specific place and scan the barcode, and then put as many parts into the container as the scanner shows. Printing and sticking prices of goods. Near each workstation there are printers with prices, we scan the tray code and print as many prices as there are items in stock, we stick prices on the bar codes of products, after pasting all prices, we put the goods on the pallet, select the "finish" option and transport to the specified location . Harvesting
  • the system arranges the goods into boxes by itself, the employee's task is to place the goods in special boxes, if the system shows that one of these boxes is full, the employee must close the order in the system, physically close the carton and stick another label from the printer, then put it back closed roll box and open the next box for harvesting. Manual distribution of goods
  • log in to the scanner and select the appropriate function, position, place the pallet truck with the goods that you want to unfold manually. Automatic packing
  • the work involves packing into boxes and envelopes (of various types and sizes); wrapping with tapes of various colors. Check if the quantity and names of the goods correspond to the data on the invoice, select the appropriate size of the shipping box and the tape indicated by the system, put the goods and the invoice into the box, fill the box to the brim with bubble wrap and stick the label. Manual packing
  • packing in boxes, envelopes and foils (various types and sizes); wrapping the goods on the pallet truck with tapes of various colors.


  • picking of goods, Internet shipping of goods
  • taking care of the quality of work and entrusted goods
  • taking care of the picked goods, using a scanner and computer
  • keeping the workplace in order
  • work in a warm hall

Required Qualifications

  • diligence and discipline
  • responsibility and the ability to work in a team


  • from 19.7 to 25.7 PLN/hour (gross)
  • bonus from 0 to 300 PLN/month (gross)
  • additional payment for night shifts
  • productivity bonus

Work Schedule

  • 8 hours daily
  • 180-240 hours monthly


  • Accommodation cost 230 PLN/month
  • rooms for 4 people, kitchen, bathroom

Other Information

  • invitation on the employers side
  • medical examinations on the employers side
  • working clothes on the employers side
  • free transport
  • the possibility of making a work permit (Provincial) in order to open a one-year visa for those currently employed
  • we assist in obtaining a residence card
  • the person declares to work for the entire period of the visa, in case of termination of the contract, we will reimburse the costs incurred in the amount of 500 for medical examination, safety training, work clothes, administrative costs, transportation to the place of accommodation
  • possibility of departure 7 days before the end of the visa

Photos of one of the locations in the city