On-site support

With our help, 80,000 citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Mexico and other countries got a job in Poland

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What we do for you


In our database, we have 206 apartments of various sizes, which will provide you with the comfort of living as well as convenient and free transport to your workplace. Some of the accommodation units are located in the immediate vicinity of the place of employment, which facilitates independent appearance at the place of work.


After completing the quarantine, we conduct comprehensive training, instruction and medical examinations for you. You will also receive full knowledge of the job offer, registration documents and workwear.

At the end of the implementation day, you will be taken to your accommodation, located near the place of work indicated by you.

Debit card

On the implementation day, a bank representative will be available to you to open an account. You also have the option of choosing a bank branch on your own in the place of work.

Phone number

For the sake of your personal comfort and the ability to communicate, upon arrival at the Fast service company, you will be able to register a Polish sim card for a fee according to the operator's price list.

Provincial invitation

During your employment, you will be able to apply for a type A permit through your coordinator, which will allow you to continue working in the workplace of your choice after obtaining a new visa.

Residence card

You are working , living and associating your future with continued work at Fast service? You can apply for a temporary residence card via your coordinator. You don't have to worry, we'll take care of all the formalities for you.

Examination from UDT

If you want to earn more money, have a new interesting job, if you are predisposed and willing to develop in specialist positions, we have a development program prepared for you by acquiring skills in handling reach trucks during a free course and state examination. Valid throughout the EU.

Possibility of receiving education in a post-secondary school

If you have a secondary school leaving certificate in your home country and if you are less than 26, we offer you the opportunity to continue your studies in an interesting field in post-secondary schools. It will be an opportunity for you to continue your education, raise your education and be exempt from insurance premiums.