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Our priorities are proven recruitment processes, as well as innovative tools and systems. Thanks to them, we are able to deliver the right worker to the right place at the right time.

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    We stand out with a multicultural approach to recruitment and employment. Our consultants speak four languages, which allows effective communication with candidates from different parts of the world.

    200 qualified back-office staff of our employment agency will help the employee to acclimate to the new workplace

    We provide onboarding in one day.

    We are sure that your ideal job awaits you somewhere in Poland. If you’re looking for a temp agency that’s ready to provide you with personalized solutions and a wide range of employment offers, you’ve come to

    We are at your disposal

    in many areas

    Onboarding in one day

    Thanks to our coordinated team and established procedures of our employment agency for Poles and foreigners, we will provide you with a quick and effective onboarding, so you can start work as quickly as possible

    Accommodation provided

    Our agency will not only find a job for you, but also take care of your accommodation. We offer comfortable living conditions, we have our own facilities or properties.

    Help in Legalization of Stay

    We care about your safety and full legality. Our employment agency for foreigners will provide you with professional support in the process of legalizing your stay in Poland, helping with all administrative formalities.

    Help in raising qualifications

    We invest in the development of your professional career. We organize trainings and exams adjusted to the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). Our goal is to enhance our employees’ qualifications, opening them up

    Our 20-year presence in Poland is not only a success story, but above all the trust we have gained through reliability, professionalism and commitment in hiring temporary employees, including foreigners.

    For years we have been building solid relationships with business partners, which allows us to effectively connect employees with employers across the country. We are ready to take on the challenge of finding a job for you, one that not only meets your expectations, but also allows you to grow professionally.