Warehouse Worker

from 20.1 to 40.8 PLN/hour


We are looking for employees for the EuroCash warehouse, the largest Polish company dealing in the
wholesale of food products, household chemicals, alcohol, tobacco products, as well as marketing
support for independent stores in the country. Detailed information about the company’s activities can
be found on its official website – https://grupaeurocash.pl/.

Working with food. On the first day, training takes place in the warehouse. The work involves unpacking incoming orders, storing in a warehouse and packing new orders for companies. Part of the job involves entering the product data with the scanner into the computer. The work is not difficult, does not require special skills and experience, without noise and odors, in a comfortable and specially equipped production hall, in a warm room and outdoors. Coming to work, the employee receives a scanner and an electric forklift truck, and has training in the use of this equipment. Each employee has a username and password for the scanner, and the work performed is assigned to him. His salary depends on it. The working day begins with the employee logging into the scanner and registering on the electric forklift, taking the pallet from a special scale to complete the order and starting work. The scanner contains all information about the product and order. The main screen displays information about exactly where the employee is to go, what product and in what quantity the customer ordered, loads this product on the pallet. After confirming this position, the scanner goes to the next section, and so until the end of order picking. After confirming the last item, the pallet with the finished order must be packed and put away in the place indicated by the scanner. Then the employee receives a new order. This process takes place during a shift of 8-12 hours a day, depending on the quantity. At the end of the shift, the worker must log out of the forklift and scanner. An order consists of 1 or more items, sometimes more than 100, weighing from 1 to 800 kg on a pallet. Piecework work. The faster an employee completes the order, the higher the salary will be.


  • picking goods using the terminal
  • handling an electric trolley and a pallet jack
  • loading and unloading cars
  • keeping the workplace in order
  • work in a hot / cold hall

Required Qualifications

  • Sanepid book
  • Diligence and discipline
  • Responsibility and the ability to work in a team


  • from 20.1 to 40.8 PLN/hour (gross)
  • piecework payment from 0.1570 to 0.1900 PLN/pc (gross)

Work Schedule

  • 10-12 hours daily
  • 180-220 hours monthly


  • Accommodation cost 430 PLN/month
  • Rooms for 4 people, kitchen, bathroom

Other Information

  • invitation on the employers side
  • medical examinations on the employers side
  • working clothes on the employers side
  • free transport
  • the possibility of making a work permit (Provincial) in order to open a one-year visa for those currently employed
  • we assist in obtaining a residence card
  • the person declares to work for the entire period of the visa, in case of termination of the contract, we will reimburse the costs incurred in the amount of 500 for medical examination, safety training, work clothes, administrative costs, transportation to the place of accommodation
  • possibility of departure 7 days before the end of the visa

Photos of one of the locations in the city