17 november 2021 117
The Council of Ministers adopted the draft act amending the act on foreigners

What will be changed


  • There will be no requirement to have a secure place of residence and no requirement to have a source of stable and regular income for granting a temporary residence and work permit – in favor of the requirement that a foreigner receives remuneration not lower than the minimum remuneration for work, regardless of the working time and type of legal relationship underlying work performed by a foreigner;
  • Permits for seasonal work and declarations on entrusting work to a foreigner will be extended to 24 months


The new regulations will enter into force 14 days after their publication in the Journal of Laws.

For more details https://www.gov.pl/web/premier/projekt-ustawy-o-zmianie-ustawy-o-cudzoziemcach-oraz-niektorych-innych-ustaw3