Fast Service - labour market is our second name

Recruitment and selection, industrial leasing and outsourcing are our domain.

We strive for perfection

2004 year

Our first recruitment and temporary work office is established in Sochaczew. We start by international cooperation with a Japanese corporation that provides logistics services in the field of consumer electronics. We provide qualified staff and over time, in connection with evolving client's needs, we provide further solutions in the field of recruitment and employment.


This is how many employees we employed during just a couple of months of our agency's activity. The pace at which we have expanded our business has brought and still brings us a lot of satisfaction, and the satisfaction of both employers and employees proves that it is worth building a loyal work environment on a global scale.

2005 year

Our second temporary work agency Fast Service Bis is established. We respond to the needs of the labour market.

2007 year

Our third employment agency is created. We do not slow down the pace. Recruitment and selection, employee leasing as well as full acquisition and management of logistics and production processes are our domain.

2018 year

Fast Service are architects of the labour market, which they continuously improve. A group of companies that consciously and with full responsibility provide services in the field of temporary work, logistics outsourcing, transport and accommodation. We employ over 5,000 employees from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus on the area of the whole country.

Mission of Fast Service

Combination of experience and innovation allows us to shape a balanced and safe labour market for both the employee and the employer. We provide the best solutions for people who just start to create their professional path and support them in finding their dream job. Thanks to our activities, the employer has the chance to reach the most specialized candidates who successfully achieve business goals of their prospective managers.

  • we effectively manage human resources
  • quality defines our services
  • we are effective selectors on the labour market
  • we develop human capital
  • clarity of tasks and responsibilities is what distinguishes us
  • reliable employee feedback
  • we share knowledge and experience
  • we provide a great support in your work
  • we work on improvement and optimization of workstations

Fast Service – your strategist in business

The labour market is our second name. We are always up to date and analyze all changes in the economy for the benefit of our clients. Why us?

  • we recruit only qualified specialists
  • we give candidates a job in which they have the chance to use their potential
  • work = passion
  • we provide consultations in the field of work organization and management, so that efficiency is reflected in the company's financial results
  • we analyze financial situation of our clients, thus guaranteeing security of employees we provide
  • we operate using modern tools and recruitment methods
  • we use innovative solutions enabling company management and control over its operations
  • we build effective business planning strategies
  • we implement efficient marketing – websites, billboards, advertising on the radio and in the press, as well as references from satisfied employees

Fast Service and employer branding

When planning a business strategy for our clients, we take into account the image, owing to which the client has a chance to become a leading employer on the market. We make sure that your company values are cultivated and the culture of work organization and environment that we co-create become a model for other players in the industry. We effectively build your competitiveness, also by investing in our own development strategy.

  • we thoroughly analyze trends on the market of job placement services and logistics processes
  • we expand our business by developing independent educational and training opportunities (e.g. fork lift truck operation and safety courses)
  • we employ new specialists to build our own base of training staff
  • we get involved in development of transport, forwarding, freight and warehouse maintenance services
  • we invest in education of our staff – trainings, workshops and seminars

Our Team

Fast Service are architects of the labour market, which they continuously improve.

Waldemar Stańczak

Chief Operational Officer

Tomasz Hablaszek

Chief Operational Officer

Janusz Wacławiak

Operational Manager

Konrad Błaszczyk

Operational Manager

Waldemar Kaniewski

Operational Manager

Aneta Sołtysiak

Operational Manager

Patrycja Kołodziejska

Transport and Accommodation Manager

Olha Ostapiuk

Employment Coordinator

Aneta Lewandowska

Recruitment Specialist

Sebastian Zielonka

Head of Employment of Foreigners

Radosław Ziembiński

Training Specialist

Paulina Gładka

Health and Safety Specialist

Certificate of Reliability

Our company meets the conditions of Reliable Company Program. We praticipate in Reliable Company Program since 2007.