Warehouse Worker

27 PLN/hour
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We are looking for employees for the Media Expert magazine. Media Expert is the largest network of electronics and household appliances stores in Poland – over 480 points of sale in almost 390 cities throughout the country. The brand has been on the market since 2002. The network employs approximately 8.5 thousand people. people. Media Expert offers the latest products from the RTV and household appliances segment, as well as laptops, tablets, smartphones and photographic equipment, as well as bicycles, scooters, quads, power tools and gardening equipment. is one of the most popular online stores in Poland. More information about the company's activities can be found on the official website –

The work consists in picking, loading and unloading household appliances and audio / video devices. There are night shifts. On the first day, training takes place in the warehouse. There are several processes.
Loading / unloading with two-wheel forklifts and electric forklifts. Controlling the quantity of goods during loading, working with a scanner, assembling small-sized goods (hair dryers, flash drives, telephones, chemicals, etc.), storing goods according to indicated zones, sorting goods

Free lunch.


  • completing electronic equipment
  • operating an electric trolley and a pallet jack
  • loading and unloading cars
  • maintaining order in the workplace
  • work in a hot hall

Required Qualifications

  • Diligence and discipline
  • Responsibility and the ability to work in a team


  • 27 PLN/hour (gross)

Work Schedule

  • 8-12 hours daily
  • 190-220 hours monthly


  • Accommodation cost 430 PLN/month
  • rooms for 4 people, kitchen, bathroom

Other Information

  • surcharge for accommodation

  • free transport

  • invitation on the employers side

  • medical examinations on the employers side

  • working clothes on the employers side

  • free transport

  • the possibility of making a work permit (Provincial) in order to open a one-year visa for those currently employed

  • we assist in obtaining a residence card

  • the person declares to work for the entire period of the visa, in case of termination of the contract, we will reimburse the costs incurred in the amount of 500 for medical examination, safety training, work clothes, administrative costs, transportation to the place of accommodation

  • possibility of departure 7 days before the end of the visa

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