For the employer

See what the recruitment looks like


Following an order to employ staff for your company, we search for candidates who will meet your requirements. We carefully prepare an offer, organize meetings and verify competences and skills of candidates during job interviews. You receive information on people who have successfully gone through the recruitment stages.

STEP 1 - offer preparation

Preparation of the offer will take us a maximum of two days. All we need is to answers to some basic questions that will help us determine your needs.

STEP 2 - recruitment

Immediately after signing the contract and receiving information on your demand, we start recruiting. We start the search for candidates using advertisement, industry and community portals, as well as field work, by organizing a Job Fair, as well as cooperating with labour Offices (PUP) and Voluntary labour Corps (OHP).

STEP 3 - a report on our work

We report effects of our work in the time and form you prefer, and we also have our own tools to improve further activities.

STEP 4 - selection of candidates

We review submitted applications in terms of your requirements, then we arrange interviews with selected candidates and verify them according to your expectations. Once the candidates are approved, we hire them or direct to an interview at your company.

STEP 5 - closing of the whole process

After the contract with the candidate is signed, the recruitment process ends. We care about the satisfaction of each party.

If you have any doubts - write to us

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact our team. We will answer all questions related to HR, outsourcing and benefits that come from cooperation with our agency.