Outsourcing - why us?

The objective of employee outsourcing in our offer is to take over all administrative tasks related to recruitment and employment of staff in your company.

What do you gain as a Fast Service client?

  • We optimize costs
  • We reduce your liability – we take over all formal issues
  • We minimize employee-related risk – we ensure legal security and organize employment
If as an employer you want to:

  • optimize costs
  • maintain expected number of posts
  • improve HR and payroll processes
  • keep absolute confidentiality of data,
trust our specialists.
We offer:

  • taking over logistics and/or production process
  • process analysis
  • construction of a full employee structure – project manager, change leaders and regular employees
  • process supervision
  • quality improvement
  • full settlement of processes
  • analysis and reporting

We are aware of the fact that many companies have a limit on personnel employed, however in the case of dynamic development and at the same time multiplied number of orders, the demand for new staff is growing. Therefore, a great solution is to recruit temporary employees who will allow achieving the assumed business plan of the company. Moreover, we coordinate all formal and administrative issues related to employment of temporary employees, thus avoiding the need to expand an administrative team in your company. In addition, we take care of the settlement of wages and handling of non-payment settlements – on time and in a reliable manner. All confidential information is available only to a delegated employee of our agency who supports processes in your company.

If you have any doubts or questions - write to us

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our team. We will answer all issues related to HR, outsourcing and benefits that you may derive from cooperation with our agency.